Lawn Images

A few images from the Lawn application.

The lawnmower starts in the center of each small square facing east. Green indicates the part of the lawn that has been mowed and red the unmowed part. (I know, each small square does need a numeric score - previous versions had this, I don't know were it went.)

Fairly early in the process. So far things aren't doing so well.

A bit further. Notice that more of the lawn is getting mowed and notice too the clear similarities among several of the solutions.

A ways further along - note how some of the squares are almost completely green (mowed). Typically this program will find a good solution (mowing 99% of the lawn or more) even with a small population relatively quickly. This had been running for about ten minutes on a relatively snappy machine. Notice how the population is dominated by a single group of related genes - this can be avoided by breaking the population up into smaller sub-populations that are genetically isolated for the most part.