Midi Evolution

This looks and works about like the threeD program. When its run you're presented with a window full of smaller boxes. Each of those represents a single gene and midi file. The colors drawn in the boxes are just a simple representation of the notes generated (for details see the code). This gives the user something to look at, and things that look similar often (but not always) sound similar.

I'm currently developing this in linux and use TiMidity++ to play the midi files. Windows users will probably need to find out how best to do this in windows. This will mean modifying the code.

Here is a piece of the screen seen while running. As in the threeD version, the number indicates the score, "+" and "-" change the score, "G" saves the gene and midi file and "K"/"R" indicate Keep or Replace this gene. "P" indicates "play".

Here are a couple of the midi files generated by one run and in the first few generations. It takes time and patience to generate good midi files and I don't have a saved genepool to give me a kickstart. Eventually I'd like to make a version of this that will run as a web program to help speed up the process. Or at least some way to collect good genes on the web to share.